girifna soap صابونة قرفنا

This ad, created by hajooj kuka, features the picture of the President of the Sudan on a shirt. This disgusts the owner of the shirt so he proceeds to cleaning it with girifna soap (girifna is a movement for peaceful political change in Sudan).

The ad says something like this:

If you are disgusted
don't worry there is girifna soap bar!

It's not going to be easy
after 20 years with out change

You will have to scrub, scrub, and scrub
then squeeze, squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze and squeeze

But you will like the result
girifna soap bar for the future of the Sudan!

اذا قرفت ما تزعل
عندك صابونة قرفنا
بعد عشرين سنة دون تغيير
الموضوع ما هين
عاوز ليه: دعك ، دعك و دعك
عصر ، عصر ، عصر ، عصر ، عصر و عصر
لاكن النتيجة أتعجبك
صابونة قرفنا إنتاج محلي
من أجل مستقبل السودان